Wednesday, November 18, 2009

KS0108B Graphic LCD Interfacing

In this webpage, we describe how a display using the popular KS0108B controller can be driven by an 8051 or compatible microcontroller. Here we have used 128x64 pixels graphic display module with KS0108B display driver. It has the internal display RAM for storing the display data transferred from a 8 bit micro controller and generates the dot matrix Liquid crystal driving signals corresponding to stored data 

You can see the output is generated on the graphic LCD having driver KS0108 using 8051 microcontroller.
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User defined lcd character

This webpage describes a simple technique to display characters from both internal character generator and user designed chracters on an LCD. The Hitachi HD44780U or a compatible controller is used here in 8-bit interface mode. The program code given here defines the custom characters and loads it into the character generator RAM (CGRAM).

Output on HD44780U display driver compatible 16x2 LCD
The first line of the LCD contains inbuilt characters. The second line of the LCD contains user defined custom characters.