Saturday, May 24, 2008

LCD interfacing Tutorials

Color LCD interfacing with AT89C51

This is an excellent tutorial to begin with color lcd interfacing.Nokia 6610 lcd with Philips PCF 8833 dreiver is used here.LCD pinouts and interface diagram with micro controller is given here.It explains 9-bit SPI protocol with reset timing.Details on color interface of pixel and information on pixel color format is given.Addressing a pixel and displaying a 256 color image is also shown.It has free programming code which helps to understand the programming sequence of Nokia6610 lcd.

Graphic LCD Interfacing with AT89C51

This is a tutorial on graphic lcd interfacing with AT89C51.Nokia3310 is used as graphic lcd.It has 48x84 pixels.Programming algorithm is for PCD 8544 lcd driver.LCD pin outs and circuits diagram are given.It has complete details on display data RAM (DDRAM) and addressing a pixel with different modes.Serial Interfacing protocol is explained in detail with timing diagram.Very rare information on BMP to HEX conversion is also listed here.

LCD Interfacing with AT89C51

This is a tutorial on alphanumeric 16x2 lcd interfacing with AT89C51.The programming algorithm is compatible with HITACHI HD44780U lcd controller .Complete programming code is given with neat circuit diagram.

LCD interfacing using Visual Basic

This is a easy tutorial on interfacing LCD module to parallel port of your computer.Visual basic is used to program the interface between LCD and parallel port.There is open source VB code which works under Windows Xp.It also shows how to use inpout32.dll and port.dll